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About Us

There are many different nutritional supplements on the market which claim to be helpful for a variety of conditions. Some make abnormal claims, which are not backed by any scientific research but myth and hype.  However, there are many quality manufacturers, including California Physicians Supplements®, which base their formulas and health claims on real scientific research and clinical studies. The nutritional experts at California Physicians Supplements® have been conducting studies and experiments with experimenting nutritional supplements under the guidance of world-renowned researchers and physicians, thus developing a full line of nutritional supplements with many satisfied consumers.

A Certificate of Analysis, is a sheet of paper provided by the manufacturer or distributor of raw materials in which the product specification is described including, the lot number, color, potency, bacteria count and other testing and technical information.

The ultimate goal of California Physicians Supplements® has been and is will always be to provide high quality scientific based and unique nutritional supplements with a difference, making them one of the leaders in nutritional science.

California Physicians Supplements® would like to share with you REAL facts about quality and the manufacturing of vitamins/nutritional supplements and important factors needed in order to insure you are taking a proper supplement.

The first step in creating a vitamin product is FORMULATION. In other words, what is the product going to be used for and what raw materials should be included to maximize the effect of the product itself for its intended use.

There is a tremendous amount of information available via research texts, clinical papers, hype from self-interest companies manufacturing vitamin and herbal ingredients, and of course the internet. The formulators and researchers at California Physicians Supplements® invest copious time and effort in acknowledging "real" scientific data from reliable sources. California Physicians Supplements® does not formulate its products based on the hype of a new ingredient that is receiving lots of media attention, but on solid clinical research conducted by the most reputable companies in the industry, showing the ingredient to be safe, effective and bioavailable.

From this point, our purchasing and sourcing department spends numerous hours searching literally the world for the finest, most effective, and stable components in which to manufacture a our product.

The USP/NF (United States Pharmacopoiea/National Formulary) has set forth methods and standards for raw material testing to identify these unwanted elements. Some raw material manufacturers don't bother to test for these materials, as they are not cost effective.

Another important aspect in the quality of raw material ingredients is efficacy and bioavailability. An ingredient which that does not absorb properly in the body can do more harm than good and offers close to zero therapeutic effect.

California Physicians Supplements® focuses on quality rather than price. We know that the very best does not come easily or inexpensively but we also believe that you get what you pay for.



As founder of California Physicians Supplements, I have the privilege of providing you with full strength, clinically proven supplements that deliver results.  It is with great respect that I give thanks to all the physicians and orthopedic community who endorse California Physicians Supplements.

My passion for health, exercise and nutrition was inspired early on by my brother Gary, a star athlete, who encouraged me to play a team sport, work out, supplement and eat wise to stay strong. The healthy habits you implement today will impact your tomorrow, no matter what age you start, please start. 

- Diane