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About Us

Conceived with purpose and passion, California Physicians Supplements was launched in 2005 to provide proactive nutritional support to healthcare professionals and their patients. Anchored in prevention and repair, the comprehensive CPS product offering of full-strength, physician-driven formulations is based on clinically researched ingredients, therapeutic dosing, and does not contain fillers, preservatives, or artificial substances. Quality and efficacy are the CPS cornerstones with NSF certification, FDA compliance, certified Organic ingredients, and Made in the USA designation.


Many nutritional supplements on the market claim to be helpful for a variety of conditions. Some make extraordinary claims not backed by solid research, but rather myth and hype. Quality manufacturers base their formulas and claims on robust scientific research and clinical studies.

Here are important factors to consider in effective supplementation:

Formulation is step one in creating a vitamin product - what is the product’s purpose and what raw materials will maximize the effect? Much supplement-related information exists via the internet, clinical papers, and messaging from vitamin and herbal ingredient companies. The formulators at CPS recognize genuine scientific data from reliable sources. We develop our products based on solid research conducted by the most reputable companies in the industry; Safety, efficacy, and reliability guide our choices, not media buzz.

Ingredient integrity and purity is vital to results. Our sourcing department searches worldwide for the finest, purest, most stable components. The U.S. Pharmacopoiea/National Formulary sets methods and standards for raw material testing, but many manufacturers do not adhere in order to cut costs.

Consistency and care throughout the manufacturing process is also essential. Nutritional supplements made in the USA are widely viewed as the most trusted.

Ingredient strength, dosing, and delivery format (capsules/tablets/powder/cream) are other key aspects in optimizing nutraceutical results. An ingredient that is weak or does not absorb properly in the body may offer no therapeutic effect and may even be harmful.

At CPS, superior quality is our focus; We know that this does not come easily or inexpensively, but we believe that your health merits the very best.

California Physicians Supplements ~ Built on Integrity, Trusted by Physicians, and Recognized by Results.



As Founder of California Physicians Supplements, I feel privileged to provide you with full strength, clinically proven supplements that address your health needs. It is with great respect that I give thanks to all the physicians and orthopedic community who trust California Physicians Supplements for their patients.

My consistent philosophy focuses on prevention and supportive natural medicine to maintain lifelong mobility, flexibility, appearance, and health in concert with targeted nutrition, intelligent supplementation, exercise, and an ever-positive mindset.  Healthy habits you implement today will impact your tomorrow, so - no matter when,   - please start.

  - Diane Keurajian 

(BS, Naturopath Practitioner, Entrepreneur)