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A Healthy Welcome Paul Newton, Cdr!

Newton Chiropractic

CDr. Paul J Newton has been achieving superior results for those who suffer from chronic pain and we are happy to have him join with California Physicians Supplements. His office has served the Long Beach area for several years and is the first choice for medical doctors, other Chiropractors and Long Beach State athletes. Dr. Newton is an athlete, himself and understands the stress it delivers to the body.

University of Southern California Football and Athletic Department

California Physicians Supplements has joined with the USC Football Team and Athletic Department to support the efforts of Team Physician Dr. Tibone and Head Trainer Russ Romano to support the health and wellbeing of their athletes. We are very proud to be working in hand with USC.

University of Southern California - USC Trojans

The Win Within Book Dr Mandelbaum
The Win Within
Capturing Your Victorious Spirit
The Win Within Book Dr Mandelbaum

In The Win Within, Mandelbaum reveals that any of us—no matter our age or physical condition—can capture that same spirit in our own lives. This inner drive to win resides in all of us, he argues, hardwired into our DNA by ancestry dating back millions of years. Readers will learn how to view life the way a top-performing athlete does: relentlessly, tenaciously, positively, and focusing less on the finish line of the marathon and more on the 26.2 miles that precede it.

With narrative support ranging from the lessons of our early ancestors to Mandelbaum's stories of our modern-day gladiators (both household name and lesser known), readers will gain a greater understanding of how and why we're all hardwired to win—and will come away with no shortage of tactics and motivation to capture their own victorious spirit.

Why California Physicians Supplements is Better

There are many different nutritional supplements on the market which claim to be helpful for a variety of conditions. Some make abnormal claims, which are not backed by any scientific research but myth and hype.  However, there are many quality manufacturers, including California Physicians Supplements®, which base their formulas and health claims on real scientific research and clinical studies. The nutritional experts at California Physicians Supplements® have been conducting studies and experiments with experimenting nutritional supplements under the guidance of world-renowned researchers and physicians, thus developing a full line of nutritional supplements with many satisfied consumers.

A Certificate of Analysis, is a sheet of paper provided by the manufacturer or distributor of raw materials in which the product specification is described including, the lot number, color, potency, bacteria count and other testing and technical information.

The ultimate goal of California Physicians Supplements® has been and is will always be to provide high quality scientific based and unique nutritional supplements with a difference, making them one of the leaders in nutritional science.

California Physicians Supplements® would like to share with you REAL facts about quality and the manufacturing of vitamins/nutritional supplements and important factors needed in order to insure you are taking a proper supplement.