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Gut Repair
My stomach was a mess.  I started drinking GUT REPAIR with warm water, it relieved my symptoms the first day.  Now i drink it throughout the week to keep my acid relux (GEERDS) and other autoimmune symptoms at bay.  This product works!

-Lisa S., Oceanside

Collagen Beauty
This product is GREAT!  The difference must be the Marine Collagen (the best/cleanest source of Collagen) and the other ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Glucosamine and Curcumin (Turmenric) makes this the most effective product ever.  After just one week I noticed my my skin had a glow and my hair /nails were growing faster!  Thank you California Physicians Supplements.  

-Gina W., Hawaii

This is the only supplement in my cabinet that I literally cannot live without.  I've been using "BONE CARE", for about 15 years, because I was lucky to have been a patient of a very fine shoulder surgeon who insisted I use BONE CARE, bless his heart.  He was an orthopedic surgeon, who was responsible for the quarterback for the USC Trojans.    So I gave it a try.  I have to admit I was shocked at how well it worked, right out of the gate.  With only one dose, I could see a difference in my body, in the quality of my digestion.  Within two doses, various small problems were straightening out for me.  One of which was very wicked cramps in my legs.  If I do not get my BONE CARE on a regular basis, they return. Other calcium supplements simply do not work like this, and I get the cramps again. I also notice that my sleep is better, and being an insomniac, anything that helps is welcome.  I might also add, that when x-rays were taken after a fall, of my legs, the doctor said, "You have the bones of a 16-year-old!"  Well, you can't beat that, I would say, after so many years of taking BONE CARE, I am 63 and evidently, my bones look great.  I can't thank you enough for your dedication to such a quality product. 

-Lani N. M.A. - Dallas Texas  


I was recommended to try Joint Power and Green Power by my personal physician.  I have been taking it daily for over two months now and honestly…all of my pain has disappeared completely.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis only being forty eight years old... People has no idea that all the pain and discomfort that I have been living with. I am an extremely active person and I could not figure out how to solve my situation.

Since starting my all natural treatment of Joint Power and the Green Power the pain dropped significantly.  I am at a no pain level 99 percent of the time. 

Thank you again - you are a life savor/ pain free miracle worker.
I am very honored to have you share my testimonial.

Sincerely - hugs,

Doreen H.